We provide our customers with a wide range of accessories essential for building works. These tools are designed to meet the needs of the most varied types of interventions, always guaranteeing quality and reliability. We are proud to offer solutions that improve workplace efficiency and safety. Below are some examples of our products:

Easels – Pratiko and Picasso easel: ideal for construction, made of ultra-light aluminum (only 7 kg for the Picasso model and 8 kg for the Pratiko model). Perfect for renovations thanks to its lightness and Butti certification.

Bucket holder:
Milan bucket holder:
robust and reliable solution for transporting tubs. Ideal for construction sites and other construction applications.
Bucket holder: available in various models, it can carry 2, 3 or 4 buckets at the same time, offering great versatility.

Steel pumps – Professional steel pump: available in 5 or 10 liter versions, these pumps are ideal for professional uses, guaranteeing durability and high performance.

Tanks and accessories:
Multi-purpose tank:
a versatile solution for storing various liquids. It can be combined with different holders and accessories for greater functionality.
Tank Mount: Designed to provide stable and secure support for multipurpose tanks.
Aluminum reduction with tap: aluminum reduction with 1″ tap, ideal for precise control of the flow of liquids.

Professional pencils – Professional pencil: equipped with sharpener and lead included, this pencil is an essential accessory for any construction professional.

Contact us for further details on our products and services. We are here to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect solutions for your needs.

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Pratiko Pratiko Plus tresles for lightweight lightweight construction aluminum Butti certified renovation

Trestles Pratiko”

Bucket Holder

Bucket holder Milan Butti

Bucket holder Milan”

Porta secchi Butti

 Bucket holder
for 2, 3 or 4 for bucket holder

Professional compression sprayer

Professional compression sprayer

Professional compression sprayer
5 or 10 liter

Watertank, support e accessories

Watertank multipurpose Butti

Watertank multipurpose

Support for watertank Butti

Support for watertank

Hand pump flow rate 40 lite Butti

Hand pump
flow rate 40 liter

Rubinetto con riduzione cisternaRiduzione in alluminio_rubinetto cisterna

Aluminium reduction
with 1″ discharge valve


Professional pencil with pencil sharpener and lead included Butti

Professional pencil
with pencil sharpener and lead included


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