Tipping containers Pertutto Butti

The “Pertutto” Tipping Containers produced by Butti represent the ideal solution for facilitating the collection of scrap, waste, paper, and plastic in workplaces. These versatile containers are designed to provide convenience and safety, making waste management a simple and reliable task near production areas.

Available in various models and with different capacities, the “Pertutto” Tipping Containers can adapt to the specific needs of each work environment. Their design allows for easy loading with a forklift or electric steering forklift.

A distinctive feature of these containers is the emphasis on durability and long-term performance. They come equipped with noise-reducing polyurethane-coated wheels and rubber shock absorbers that contribute to extending their lifespan and enhancing overall performance. Additionally, a robust steel half-moon is integrated to protect the wheels during use.

Another significant advantage offered by Butti S.r.l. is the “SECURE SYSTEM,” an innovative hydraulic cylinder that can be installed upon request on the “Pertutto” Tipping Containers. This system ensures greater safety during tipping operations, helping preserve the longevity of the forklift uprights and the containers themselves. Thanks to this solution, tipping occurs gradually and progressively, avoiding abrupt jolts that could compromise material integrity or operator safety.

Lastly, it is essential to note that all Butti’s “Pertutto” Tipping Containers are CE certified, guaranteeing high-quality and safety standards. Thanks to these advanced features, these containers stand as a reliable and durable choice for waste management in industrial settings.