Alligator shear
The BUTTI alligator shear is the ideal solution for cutting all ferrous waste materials and in particular for reducing the volume of steel and various metals.
Equipped with 4-edge blades driven by a special hardened steel hydraulic cylinder that allows high productivity at low costs, the BUTTI alligator shears are also provided with a special geometry designed to always develop, in all work phases, the maximum cutting force.
Characterized by numerous innovative elements that make them unique, the BUTTI crocodile shears are the result of meticulous and careful research and development that the company reserves for each of its products, with a view to an ever-increasing attention to the customer.
The BUTTI crocodile shears set a new standard in terms of safety at work: a special mobile and fixed protection prevents, in fact, the material during cutting phases, to cause damage to the operator or breakage to the machine.
Simplicity, quality, robust construction and easy maintenance make the BUTTI crocodile shears the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable product that lasts over time.