The CEN, European Committee for Standardization, to which Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, ITALY, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland issued a new European standard EN 13155 in July 2003.
The regulation regulates the design, manufacture and use of the “pallet” fork.
The issuance of a new standard, aims to regulate in a more specific and restrictive a Community directive, “Machinery Directive”, with greater protection and guarantee of the user.
The manufacturer only after having complied with and complied with all the indications prescribed by the law, more certify that the tool complies with the European standard. The most important indications contained in the EN13155 standard concern the increased design coefficient and the use of the fork. The abbreviation EN identifies the standards developed by CEN. The EN standards must be compulsorily implemented by the CEN member countries and their reference code becomes, in the case of Italy, EN. These standards are used to standardize technical legislation throughout Europe, so the existence at national level of rules that are not in harmony with their content is not allowed.
EN 13155 (
– a protection against the fall of load elements is ensured when there are no openings more than 50 mm wide on the sides and bottom of the fork.
This protection is not necessary if:
– the fork is used near the ground. Ex. Material discharge from the truck to the ground.
EN 13155 (
The fork is used only for the transport of material consisting of a unitary load, for strapping, shrink film, etc .; the fork must be equipped with a load restraining device such as chain or iron bar.
Our forks are all compliant with the new EN13155 standard; our local dealer has a technical file containing calculation report extract, user manual and original EN standard.