Contenitori ribaltabili Pertutto - Tipping container Pertutto
The tipping containers “Pertutto” are very usefull: they are suitable to be hooked to electronic lift trucks and fork lifts, and they can also be equipped with the attack for the Secure System cylinder, the system that guarantees high standards of safety during tipping operations.
The tipping containers are made with sheet metal filter which separates liquid and solid substances: furthermore are equipped with anti-noise wheels, coated polyurethane and rubber shock absorbers.
From the ongoing search of safety in workplaces, Butti has created the new “SECURE SYSTEM”:
hydraulic cylinder, which can be applied on request to the tipping containers “Pertutto” to have more safety. It guarantees long lifespan both for forklifts and containers themselves by allowing a gradual and progressive tipping without violent backlasches and accidental falls.
The “Secure System” cylinder is placed at the bottom of the container; its installation doesn’t change container dimensions.