Winter is coming and it is important to be prepared. For this reason, Butti Srl has developed a line of professional equipment to prevent and solve the problems related to the formation of snow and ice that are so common in this season. Let’s meet the members of the Snow Team upclose!

Universal broom
Useful for cleaning company spaces, for the recovery of small metal parts and other components or for cleaning yards from snow and ice. Equipped with a sturdy and handy structure, which guarantees an excellent resistance to stress, these industrial brooms can be supplied with steel or plastic brushes. Several optional extras are also available, including a rubber shovel attachment and a spare brush kit.

Fixed and adjustable snowploughs
These handy snowploughs are ideal for clearing parking lots and squares from snow and ice. They can be either fixed or adjustable and come equipped with shock absorbers. Some models can also be provided with interchangeable steel or polyurethane scrapers.

Professional salt spreader
If, on the other hand, you want to prevent the formation of ice on courtyards, sidewalks, squares, etc., then the Butti salt spreaders are the ideal solution for you. Equipped with a practical discharge regulator that allows a considerable saving of material, they are ideal to be used with all types of salt, mix of salt and sand, salt gravel or gravel only (perfect for parking lots of companies and local roads). The K25 model can hold up to 25 kg of salt, but larger models up to 250 kg capacity are also available.