Elektro-15 battery rechargeable sprayer Butti

Sprayer with 12V rechargeable battery, capacity 15 Lt

Suitable for spraying, weeding, disinfestation, treatments in glasshouses, use of insecticides and fungicides, protection of any setting, hospitals, schools, agricultural and industrial sheds.

Weareable on shoulders with padded back and shoulder belts for maximum comfort.

It works both with liquids and powders (wettable powders, chemical pulps, different water-soluble products).

Thanks to the integrated regulator Elektro-15 sprayer allows you to make accurate treatments at constant pressure.


15 Lt tank made up of thermoplastic material and with graduated scale

Diaphragm electric sprayer with pressure controller from 1,5 to 4,0 Bar.

Automatic pressure switch with sprayer’s operating control.Rechargeable battery 12 volt.

Charger 220/12 volt with led indicator of the end of charge.

Lance with stainless steel telescopic extension and lever handle with blocking in operation.


Pressure: da 1,5 a 4,0 Bar

Flow rate: 2,0 lt al 1’

Recharge time: 8 ore

Working time: 5 ore

Net weight: kg. 6,0

ELEKTRO-15 sprayer provides:

Chemical product saving

Less effort and more safety for the operator

Drift effects reduction

Downtime decrease

Implementations costs decrEase


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