French Professional Federation of Recycling Companies

We are pleased to announce our membership as a national supplier to FEDEREC (National Federation of French Recycling Companies).

The association was created with the goal of promoting and encouraging entrepreneurial development and competitiveness in the recycling sector through innovation. FEDEREC plays a crucial role in supporting companies in the sector by providing them with tools, resources, and knowledge to address environmental and regulatory challenges. Being part of this federation allows us to be part of a network of professionals and companies committed to finding sustainable and innovative recycling solutions.

Our membership in FEDEREC represents an important step in our ongoing commitment to the environment and sustainability. We firmly believe that collaboration and the sharing of best practices can significantly improve the efficiency of recycling processes and reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Being members of FEDEREC allows us to stay updated on the latest industry news, participate in events and training workshops, and have access to a vast network of experts and business partners. This helps us continually improve our services and offer increasingly effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

We are excited to be part of this prestigious federation and are determined to actively contribute to the promotion of sustainable and advanced recycling practices. Stay tuned for further updates on our activities and future collaborations within FEDEREC.


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