Cargo and Vertical Electric Tug T-15

Discover the ideal solution for material handling within your company with the Cargo bar cart and the T-15 electric towing tractor.
This combination represents the perfect pair for working efficiently and quickly, improving productivity and safety.

Cargo bar trolley Butti

CARGO: The ideal bar holder ideal for safe storage and transport of 3/4 meter long bars.

Trainatore elettrico T-15 Butti

T-15 ELECTRIC TUG: Vertical Electric Tug Butti T-15, versatile and compact, perfect for loads up to 1,500 kg.

CARGO: the Cargo bar cart is the ideal solution for the safe storage and transport of bars ranging from 3 to 4 meters in length. Constructed with high-quality materials, it ensures exceptional durability and wear resistance. The ergonomic design and ease of maneuverability make this cart indispensable for bar handling operations within the company.

T-15 ELECTRIC TOWING TRACTOR: The Butti T-15 electric towing tractor is a versatile and compact device, perfect for loads up to 1,500 kg. Designed to facilitate the transport of heavy materials, the T-15 offers excellent maneuverability even in tight spaces. Thanks to its power and reliability, the T-15 tractor significantly reduces the physical effort of operators, increasing the efficiency of handling operations.

By using the Cargo bar cart and the T-15 electric towing tractor, you optimize your logistics operations, reducing travel times and improving workplace safety. This winning combination is the ideal choice for any company looking to improve its operational performance.

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