Vasche di raccolta Butti

The containment tanks BUTTI for the storage of drums and watertanks are the ultimate ecological solution for mechanical companies, chemical industries, refineries, liquid storage depots and for all those companies where leakage of dangerous liquids may occure.
The BUTTI containment tanks guarantee the necessary protection both to operators and to the environment, preventing the dispersion of highly polluting substances.
A sturdy and robust structure with removable grit for easier cleaning, a watertight construction without the presence of plugs, as required by current legislation.
And finally, for the storage of particularly acidic substances, we have polyethylene tanks specially tested by our quality office to always guarantee maximum safety in any work environment.
Choosing a BUTTI containment tank you choose first of all the quality that distinguishes each one of our products, designed and produced to last over time.
In every BUTTI product you will find that same passion that for over 35 years makes us love our work and pushes us to improve it more and more.
BUTTI, designed to last.