Spazzatrice industriale
The new BUTTI industrial sweeper is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized agricultural and industrial sheds.
Thanks to its polypropylene brushes it is in fact suitable for cleaning and collecting material on all internal and external surfaces of your workplace.
Its strengths consist in a frame with 360 ° swivel wheels that make it very agile in the changes of direction and in a collector with hydraulic cylinder for the overturning of collected waste.
In addition, an innovative floating system ensures a highly effective sweep as it adapts the brushes to roughness or uneven ground.
As an option, to ensure even deeper cleaning, a watering kit with tank and sprayers is available which, thanks to an electric pump, atomizes the water.
All this technology is combined with the durability and almost infinite strength that have always distinguished the quality of those who choose a BUTTI product.