For over 35 years we have been producing tools and equipment for manufacturing companies and for the building sector with which different types of products and materials are handled, contained and stored. The quality of the products and the reliability of the after-sales service are the basis of the reputation and reputation of our company. We design, develop and manufacture our products without compromise. We do this with the awareness that what we provide to our customers will have to help simplify their work, increase safety standards and protect the environment. We measure the success of our work through the satisfaction of our customers and the reputation of our company. People are the most important factor in our way of doing business.
We invest in their training and we consider their dedication and integrity one of the most important competitive factors.

On this page you can find spreader and de-icing equipment. All these equipments comply with the UNI-EN-ISO-3834-2 certified welding management system.


Professional salt spreaders

The salt spreader is ideal for avoiding the formation of ice on courtyards, sidewalks, squares, etc. and have a practical drain regulator that allows a considerable saving of salt. They are designed for use with all types of salt, even salt and sand mix, gravel or gravel salt, ideal for operations in parking lots of companies and local roads.

Professional salt spreaders K25 Butti

Professional salt spreaders
25 Kg

Professional salt spreaders Kg 50 Butti

Professional salt spreaders
50 Kg

Professional salt spreader trolley 150 Kg/ 250 Kg Butti

Professional salt spreader trolley
150 Kg


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